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The best part about being a TradeWinds client is the personal attention to detail we provide to optimize your business!
Just ask any of our happy clients!

  Robert Trahan – Falcon Rice Mill
TradeWinds and our Mill in Crowley dates back to the early 90s. My father lost service from another software vendor at the time and face being without software to run the mill. Randy sat down in my father’s office and learned about how a rice mill operates. He then wrote a complete system and had us up and running within a month. Over the years TradeWinds has grown with Falcon Rice Mill. Today with the help of TradeWinds we run our entire rough rice, milling and packaging operation via automatic sensors and switches. TradeWinds reads all of that information into their software and give me up to the minute information at all times. Since all of our mill is managed by TradeWinds we actually can get management reports that include payroll, depreciation, supplies etc. I know at any point in time exactly how much my mill is making and what it costs to run our facilities on a daily basis. Before taking over the mill, both my sister and I were professional CPAs and I can tell you that this is some of the most powerful cost accounting software around for the price. I would highly recommend it to any company that processes food at any level.
 Robert Ellis – Cormier Rice Mill
We Approached Tradewinds Software in 2006 about the possibility of purchasing a system to process our rough rice. We had been using spreadsheets to get our information and was becoming more and more time intensive to produce the reports we needed.
During the presentation we learned that not only could they handle our rough rice, but the software could handle our milling, clean rice, and accounting needs as well. Since we have been doing business with Tradewinds, they have expanded their software to handle shipping and packaging for us. As needs have arisen, they have been able to address then and incorporate enhancements to help us move forward.
Tradewinds always keeps their software up to date, using the latest technology. This is important for us since we are a progressive mill and don’t want to be bottlenecked by our software. We also appreciate Tradewinds’ technical support. If we have a problem, they are able to take care of the issue and keep us up and running so we don’t have any down time.
I would highly recommend Tradewinds for all of your software needs.
 Louis Broussard Jr. – Beaumont Rice Mills
Our business is somewhat complex. Not only are we a large rice mill but we handle family investments, investments for other people including stockholders, investors, land management.
We had good software, but our vendor was going out of business and we knew we needed to procure new software at some point or be without. Because of the complexity of our business we dreaded making the change because it’s not easy to find exactly what we need.
TradeWinds came in and assessed our needs. First of all they installed their RiceLink360 system to run our entire mill and modified it so that we could use it without having to completely change how we do business. Secondly they wrote a complete investment package for tracking land rights, investments and all the various operations that went with that. Lastly they tied all of that together with their fantastic accounting system so that my staff wasn’t forced to use two separate systems.
Because of their knowledge of accounting we found it relatively easy to make the transition and now have a system for running our entire operation that uses the latest in technology. One of the things that has been a personal benefit to me is being able to pull the various reports for milling, clean rice, supplies, accounts receivable all from my desk without having to as anyone else. This is the best software I’ve ever seen.
  Dick Ottis – Rice Belt Warehouse
Several years ago we were face with a dilemma. Our software was written back in the DOS days and the developer was not supporting it anymore. We have a main store in El Campo, TX and 4 outlying facilities that all report to our main office. Most of our work was having to be sent to our main office and hand entered and we were doing much of what we do manually.
I called in TradeWinds which sat down with my staff and did a thorough evaluation. They then tied all 5 of our stores together over the Internet so that we became basically one office electronically. Now anything that was done at an outlying store was automatically updated on our main system. They worked with a software vendor out of Houston to get a new server and network in for us. They then revamped their rough rice program to meet our needs and created a seed program that worked with our new rough rice program.
The best thing about TradeWinds is their constant commitment to keeping our software cutting edge and making sure that my staff has help when they need it.

I highly recommend TradeWinds for all of your software needs.

  David Trahan – Crowley Grain Drier
Crowley Grain has been using TradeWinds Software since 1991. Over the years TradeWinds has customized our program to truly fit the rice industry and its unique needs and demands. TradeWinds is always just a phone call away to handle the unexpected issues related to software use and eager to ensure the program fills the needs of our seed rice and fertilizer businesses. Our relationship over the past 22 years has evolved, along with the software, and we have referred TradeWinds numerous times to other rice associates. TradeWinds is well versed in the agriculture business and the program is an excellent fit for our industry.