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End to End Solution for Seed Processors and Packaging Facilities

SeedLink360 provides an End to End system that far exceeds any traditional seed handling software solutions. Our platform offers automated treating, processing, packing and tracking that will transform your business. The platform provides functionality based on years of our experience and customer use. If necessary, our team will custom tailor the system for your specific needs. Using next generation technology, we have designed automation into the system that has proven to enhance our client’s operations and improve their business results. We have created this powerful platform over many years to handle the specific functionality that is required on a daily basis for the seed handling business!

  • Complete Rough Grain and Clean Seed Inventory Tracking with Detailed Audit Reporting Support
  • Maintain a Completely Synchronized System with our Integrated Accounting Software to Automatically Post All Transactions in Real Time.
  • Specially Designed features to support Supply and Packaged Inventory Management
  • Simple and Intuitive Order Entry User Interface with Instant System Updates
  • Unique features to handle Seed Treatment requirements more efficiently
  • A Multitude of Reports at your Fingertips for Data Analysis and Decision Making
    • Seed Confirmation Status
    • Report Of Delivery Ticket
    • Treatment Revenue & Expense Tracking
    • On-Hand Inventory
  • Custom Branded Designs for all Invoice Types
  • Transform any PC into a Scale Computer to Automate Weight Collection
  • Automated Bar Code scanning with Next Generation Technology
  • State of the Art Integration with Bin Level Indicators and Flow Scales
  • Complete Rough Grain Inventory system integration with our Grainlink360 system:
  • Track Grain Shipped and Received, Weights and Grades, Carriers, Freight and more!
  • Automatically Text or Email growers a copy of Completed Receipts.
  • Track Grower Information such as Contact Information, Lienholders, and Accounting Data
  • Track Lot Information Including Growers and Shareholder Assignments, Weights and Grades, Settlement Status and more!