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Next Generation Solution for Milling and Processing Facilities

Fortified rice for all PDS supplies by FY24-end

RiceLink360 provides our Next Generation milling software platform. This system provides a fully integrated set of features and functionality that has been built over the life of our company. We have implemented many automated processes to significantly improve your business from end to end and offer custom tailoring for your specific needs if required. Our rice milling system has delivered tremendous value for our client’s operations and they have been able to provide their customers improved service and products!

  • Rice Inventory Control and Tracking with Detailed Audit Reporting Support
  • Simple and Intuitive Order Entry User Interface with Instant System Updates
  • Automated Packaging Management System allows you to:
    · Customize beginning, ongoing and completed checklists to fit your needs
    · Expand our single station Tablet-based packaging application to manage an unlimited number of stations
    · Track packaging time and damaged bags to increase productivity and reduce waste
    · Package with bags, film, balers, baler film and pallet types
  • Next Generation Automated Milling Management System
    · Review all milling operations and easily adjust and correct to meet specific technical specifications
    · OPC Compliant Milling System to track your milling progress in real time
  • Our Fully Integrated Food Safety Management System allows end to end tracking of grain and supplies used, for quick turn around on mock recalls


  • A Robust Report Catalog for Data Analysis and Decision Making including
    Sales Analsyis Reports
    · Packaged and Bulk Grain Positions
    · Open Order Reports
    · Order, Packaging and Milling Fulfillment reports
    · and many more!
  • Fully Integrated Accounting and Payroll System for End to End Business Management
  • Automated Inbound and Outbound Trucking System using Innovative Software Features
  • Complete Rough Grain Inventory system integration with our Grainlink360 system:
    · Track Grain Shipped and Received, Weights and Grades, Carriers, Freight and more!
    · Automatically Text or Email growers a copy of Completed Receipts.
    · Track Grower Information such as Contact Information, Lienholders, and Accounting Data
    · Track Lot Information Including Growers and Shareholder Assignments, Weights and Grades, Settlement Status and more!