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Our reputation for services is part of our brand. This is how we have built a reliable and trusted advisor credibility thoughout multiple states as more than a vendor but advisors as well. We pride ourselves in tailoring your system for the specific needs and requirements necessary to meet your business operations.
Each deployment is initiated with a discussion session for us to capture requirements for designing, developing and configuring your own personalized agricultural and manufacturing cost accounting solution. Our platform provides a robust set of features that accommodate most if not all of your business functions. For those client unique requirements, we provide customized, tailored changes that are designed for your specific needs. In addition, we can provide extensions and add-ons for your system to integrate with other business software and physical hardware devices.


Our deployment services include training and mentoring for operations as well as any customized functions. Deployment and training activities can be performed onsite or remotely based on your needs. Our technical support team is there for you during standard business hours and provides extra support coverage during harvest season.
The deployment of our platform is at the heart of our expertise. Based on 32 years of experience, we have developed best practices and proven techniques to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Our deployment service begins with a discussion session with each client to document their unique operational functions and discuss how we will configure the system to handle those functions.
 We also provide guidance about how our system could provide additional capabilities that will enhance or even automate certain tasks to improve operations and create more efficient processes. We ensure the deployment schedule is coordinated with our client’s operational demands and staff availability. Deployments can range from a few days to a couple weeks depending on the complexity of the final deployment configuration and the schedule availability of our client’s staff.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is dedicated to your business continuity! Our unique ability to remotely access your system quickly and seamlessly, with your approval, offers fast response time and problem resolution. Our clients know we will be there during the times when they need us. Our normal support period is business hours during the week and extra coverage during the harvest season to ensure you keep your operations running when it is critical. Using our direct support line, you will be connected to someone who knows how to solve your problem quickly whether it is a simple issue or something more complex. 
Our support resources range from our front line staff to our development team so you are assured to have your issue resolved in the fastest time possible! As we promise, we are dedicated and steadfast in our resolve to ensure unmatched reliability and usability of the software platform for every client! Learn More at

Training and Mentoring

The training services we provide are mature but constantly being updated based on each deployment we execute. Training services are different from mentoring services in that they are focused on the routine activities that our clients perform on a daily, weekly or monthly period. These are tasks which have been performed on previous client systems and are generally the same type of behavior on our platform. Mentoring is focused on new behavior that is performed by the users which they have not done previously and require new concepts or actions on our platform.
Since our platform has the capability to support new automation and integrations, it is not uncommon for our new clients to want to use these new features and that may require additional time to provide guidance for using compared to standard training tasks. We may also provide mentoring on new extensions or add-ons that we develop for tailored configurations and customizations for some clients. This could include documentation of new functions and hands on guidance with new users to perform those tasks.

Custom Development

One of our specialties is custom development. Using our deep expertise in green field development for add-ons and extensions to our platform, our clients are using many unique software and hardware solutions. We have created many different custom applications for mobile devices, desktop computers and large system platforms. Our specialty area continues to be agribusiness and our roots run deep with small, medium and large business organizations in that sector.

Hardware Integration

Our next generational scale system allows you to monitor truck scales from any pc. Coupled with Devicelink360, our OPC Server, we can give clients the ability to take full advantege of both their hardware and software ina  single seemless package. 
Whether Scale readers, signature pads, or OPC compliant readers,  or grain probe testers, we have tools to help get the data you need simplifying data import and reducing the chances for user errors.