J. Dickie Hollier

J. Dickie Hollier is a Louisiana native with over 30 years of experience in farm management, logistics, operational research, and management consulting. He is an industry expert in the design and implementation of rice packaging, inventory, procurement, and logistics systems. In 2015, he is taking over the daily operations and marketing for our business.


Mr. Hollier earned a B.S. in Agribusiness and M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Louisiana State University in 1978 and 1981, respectively. During his time at LSU, Mr. Hollier interned at a number of rice mills in order to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the Rice Industry.


Mr. Hollier started his career at Riviana Foods in Houston, TX. During his time at Riviana he worked as a Commodity and Marketing Analyst and later an Operations Research Analyst. In late 1985 Mr. Hollier left Riviana and joined the Connell Rice and Sugar Company team. Mr. Hollier started Connell as an Assistant Logistics Manager then transitioned to Director of Rice Procurement and finally Vice President, a position he held for over a decade.

While at Connell, Mr. Hollier worked in partnership with TradeWinds Software Corp. to develop their Rice Tracking System. This gave him a deep understanding of how Tradewinds designs and develops computer systems for agribusiness. In 1995 Mr. Hollier also assumed management of a 160 acre family rice and cattle farm in Cow Island, LA. He still manages this farm. Also, in addition to his role on the leadership team at Tradwinds Software, Mr. Hollier is the managing principal of J.D. Hollier and Associates LLC, an Agriculture and Business Consulting Firm.


He is a community leader, serving on his congregation’s Church Council, Finance Committee, and Board of Trustees. He helped develop Christian Connection (after school care program) and has been serving as President of the Board for over 7 years. Over the last 17 years, he has been deeply committed to and involved with the Cub & Boy Scouts at his local church and local BSA Council level.

In the rice industry, he has been active in the Association for Administration of Rice Quotas (Past Chairman) and the USA Rice Federation (Food Aid subcommittee and World Market Price subcommittee).


2005 Outstanding Alumni, Ag. Economics & Agribusiness Dept., College of Agriculture at LSU; 2006 Strathmore Who’s Who; 2008 Madison Who’s Who; 1981 Outstanding Young Men of America, 1976; American Farmer Degree FFA; 2009 Cross and Flame Award of the CUMC; BSA – Munsee District Award of Merit 2012;


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