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Complete Solution for Dryers, Warehouses, and Grain Storage Facilities

New solar + storage microgrid to aid Producers Rice Mill in Arkansas

GrainLink360 , a complete rough grain facility management system provides many innovative, automated processes to streamline your business from end to end with custom tailoring for your specific needs.

next generation rough grain software system has proven to be the key for our customer’s improved results – we have built this platform over many years to handle the unique requirements you deal with on a daily basis, providing the tools necessary to manage your rough grain inventory.

Contact us today, to find out more about Grainlink360, the award winning solution used by warehouses across the U.S.

  • Complete Rough Grain Inventory Tracking with Detailed Audit Reporting Support
  • Commodity Based Charts to Automatically Calculate Drying Charges and Weight Shrinkage
  • Weight and Grade Tracking on a Load and Lot Basis
  • Track Buyers, Shareholders, Lienholders and Sales Office Information for Organizational and Persona Visibility
  • Create Settlements and Distribution Of Proceeds with Regulatory Compliance Guideline
  • Real Time Daily Position Reports for Instant Visibility and Analysis
  • Connect your Scale Devices to our Receipts/Shipments System
  • Transform any PC into a Scale Computer to Automate Weight Collection
  • Track Grower Information such as Contact Information, Lienholders, and Accounting Data
  • Custom Branded Designs for Storage, Drying and Settlement Invoices
  • A Multitude of Reports at your Fingertips for Data Analysis and Decision Making
    · Daily Position
    · Report Of Receipts & Shipments
    · Open Storage Reports
    · Bin Status & Operation
  • Track Grain Shipped and Received, Weights and Grades, Carriers, Freight and more!
  • Track Lot Information including Growers and Shareholder Assignments, Weights and Grades, Settlement Status and more!
  • Automatically Text or Email growers a copy of Completed Receipts.
  • Maintain a Completely Synchronized System with our Integrated Accounting Software to Automatically Post All Transactions in Real Time.