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ClientLink360 provides many innovative, automated processes to streamline your business from end to end with custom tailoring for your specific needs if required.

Our next generation client tracking software system has proven to be the key for improved results in client tracking, monitoring, organization and communication.

  • Complete Client Tracking System with Detailed Audit Reporting Support
  • Hourly Charge type charts that Automatically Calculate billable rates.
  • Real Time Client Monitong Reports for Instant Visibility and Analysis
  • Track Project Information such as estimated hours, client approval, and current status
  • A Multitude of Reports at your Fingertips for Data Analysis and Decision Making
    · Billable Hours Reports
    · Weekly & Monthly Summaries
    · Job Status
  • Custom Branded Designs for Invoices, Incident Summaries and projects
  • Track and modify documents associated with customers and jobs
  • Automatically Text or Email growers a copy of Incident and Invoices.
  • Automatically book billable hours without the need to invoice separately.
  • Monthly statements Include billable hours, seprate invoiced items and more
  • Track Productivity, Hours to Review And more!
  • Maintain a Completely Synchronized System with our Integrated Accounting Software to Automatically Post All Transactions in Real Time.