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TWS Officially Launches Tradewinds 2.0

Tradewinds 2.0 to release May 2022 We are happy to announce the release of Tradewinds 2.0, our newest versions of Ricelink, Grainlink &...

Change in Tradewinds Mailing Address

Please note: We have a change in address!   Please mail all payments and correspondence to the following address:   Tradewinds Software Corporation ...

Tradewinds Holiday Hours

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season from the team at Tradewinds Software. To allow our employees to spend time with with their family, friends and...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th so that our employees can spend time with their loved ones. We will resume...

TWS Launches New Order Entry System

As part of the next update, customers using our order entry system will be upgraded to the latest version. The Order entry System consists of Order...

Remote Access Currently Unavailable (RESOLVED)

Tradewinds Remote access is currently unavailable (resolved) At this time We are currently unable to access customer machines and servers via...

Tradewinds Customer Support News – Oct 2021

In order to provide the level of customer support our customers expect, we are now happy to provide a customer support department to assist our...

Ricelink milling system upgrade

We are Happy to announce the release of our newest version of the Ricelink360 Milling Management System!
This standalone application allows for complete tracking of both rough input and clean output.

Happy National Rice Month!

Happy National Rice month! Thanks to all our #ricemills #Dryers, and #farmers that help produce more than 700 million tons annually!
#food #agriculture

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