Tradewinds 2.0 to release May 2022
We are happy to announce the release of Tradewinds 2.0, our newest versions of Ricelink, Grainlink & Seedlink360 systems!
What is Tradewinds 2.0?
Tradewinds is not just an update to our existing applications, but also an overhaul to the organization with a singular goal. To provide a better customer experience and have open proactive lines of communication.
Lead by Jeremy Tidmore and Lisa Koch, each screen has been redesigned from the ground up in the largest overhaul since 1999. While keeping a format our customers have been familiar with, each module of the system was carefully redesigned to provide a more intuitive and cohesive feel across the system.
Tradewinds 2.0 is now a suite of applications designed to be run either seamlessly from the main menu to the next or independently if necessary.
Using a proprietary system internally called Chariot, one application under the Tradewinds umbrella can pass unlimited information back and forth to another. While the user experiences an upgraded interface, our collected accounting and grain business rules from over the last 30+ years have stayed the same. Our data integration is more robust than ever. All prior recorded data and user specific settings, special reports and designed layouts such as invoices and receiving tickets will be your new Grainlink, Ricelink or Seedlink systems.
Tradewinds 2.0 was originally released in December of 2021 for beta testing with select customers,  After extensive testing, we are happy to announce that  All existing customers are expected to be updated by June 1st. Customers with existing support contracts will receive this upgrade for free as part of their contract just in time for 2022 harvest. Once scheduled for update, Customers will receive an email letting them know when and what to expect. Typically these updates will be done after hours as the Tradewinds system will need to be offline to complete.
We ask all customers to review the documentation now and become familiar with the new version.
The Main Menu (
Navigating The Application (
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If you have any questions please contact our customer service department at 318-220-1039 or email