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Since all of our mill is managed by TradeWinds we actually can get management reports that include payroll, depreciation, supplies etc. I know at any point in time exactly how much my mill is making and what it costs to run our facilities on a daily basis. Before taking over the mill, both my sister and I were professional CPAs and I can tell you that this is some of the most powerful cost accounting software around for the price. I would highly recommend it to any company that processes food at any level.

Robert Trahan 
Falcon Rice Mill

Because of their knowledge of accounting we found it relatively easy to make the transition and now have a system for running our entire operation that uses the latest in technology. One of the things that has been a personal benefit to me is being able to pull the various reports for milling, clean rice, supplies, accounts receivable all from my desk without having to as anyone else. This is the best software I’ve ever seen.

Louis Broussard
C.E.Broussard & Associates/ Beaumont Rice Mill