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Since 1988 our focus is YOU – the small to mid-market business who wants to optimize their grain and seed operations! We know how difficult your business is and our customers believe in our partnering capabilities to help them become more efficient without breaking the bank to deploy and run software. Our simple yet powerful platform provides end to end ERP features for integrating people, processes, and technologies across your business. Our team excels in tailoring our platform to your specific needs and building long term relationships to help you be successful with your customers!

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Our customers come from many different sectors including:


Storage Facilities

Rice Mills

Seed Processing

 Grain Merchandisers

Food Processing

Packaging Facilities     

Grain Dryers

Agricultural Solutions

Our Platform is a full service product for agricultural business management operations. Our customers rely on our platform to support their daily needs for receipt of product, storage, invoicing, and auditing to meet regulatory compliance. We know Agribusiness – that’s what our platform has been built for!


Process Automation

Automatically read OPC compliant bin
indicators, flow scales and packaging counters. We also maintain IP lots through the process for mock recalls saving hours of times and eliminating tedious manual effort. Our tailoring techniques help fit the system to your business processes.

Mobile Access

We provide custom mobile applications
which allow you and your customers to access pertinent data from anywhere and anytime. We also have built-in report scheduling that can email reports to you at any time and send error notifications.

Our Software Platform Provides:

  • Rough Grain, Rice Milling and Clean Grain Systems
            • Simple and intuitive menus for quick user adoption
  • Warehouse System for Rice, Corn, and Other Grains
             Complete storage and drying functions
  • Seed Processing system for all grains
            • Designed for for quick and easy implementation
  • Order Entry, Shipping and Invoicing
            •  End to End process support including POS transactions

  • Fully Integrated Accounting and Payroll System
        Seamless modular component design built for agribusiness operations
  • Settlements and Distribution of Proceeds
        Efficient and audit compliant functionality
  • Tracks Supplies, Fixed Assets, and Equipment Maintenance
        Provides features beyond basic accounting needs
  • Automated Process Support
        • Real-time integration between software and hardware devices

Louis Broussard Jr.

Beaumont Rice Mills, Inc.

One of the things that has been a personal benefit to me is being able to pull the various reports for milling, clean rice, supplies, and accounts receivable all from my desk without having to ask for the information.

Robert Trahan

Falcon Rice Mill

There are many accounting programs out there; however, they are either geared for huge organizations or very small business. Tradewinds was able to create a product that is perfect for a mid market company. It would be very difficult to run our business without Tradewinds.

Robert Ellis

Cormier Rice Mill

Tradewinds always keeps their software up to date, using the latest technology. This is important for us since we are a progressive mill and don’ want to be bottlenecked by our software.

I would highly recommend Tradewinds for all of your software needs.

Dick Ottis

Rice Belt Warehouse, Inc.

The best thing about TradeWinds is their constant commitment to keeping our software cutting edge and making sure that my staff has help when they need it.